Issue: Space!

Adrift in a soundless void, only thin technology keeping you away from the airless expanse.

From a young age, science fiction enthralled me with ideas of things outside this world. Ender’s Game and Neuromancer exposed me to the range of settings that authors use to express ideas, while artists like Chris Foss visually demonstrated alien planets and life in deep space.

Fictional settings use exceptional possibilities to highlight the ways people live. There are notable examples of these ways of life moving into our lives. Star Trek’s tricorders and communication badges influences today’s communications devices, while Gibson’s descriptions of global communications through computers and the possibilities those networks presented are two examples of technologies moving from print to reality.

Science fiction as a genre covers many possibilities for radical encounters. Looking up into space for inspiration and taking advantage of its infinite scale continues to produce both fictional creations and inspire innovation in our daily lives as well.

With that in mind I present to you Unoriginal: Space! a collection of writing and art read with an open mind and a space suit near at hand.



Unoriginal Publications

The next issue is coming! This time I am looking for art and writing with a science fiction theme! The schedule for this issue is to have all art work by the end of the year with the physical issue to be released in February. Please email me and we can discuss your ideas and details for the submission process. I look forward to talking to you!

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