Ancillary Justice.

Anne Leckie’s first novel Ancillary Justice is a space opera featuring an intergalactic colonial government making use of android AI’s called ancillaries to expand their reach in the galaxy. The Radchaai, the primary culture in the series, only use the pronoun She.  This creates a culture devoid of gender diversity and the social constructs that the reader is familiar with. Occasionally this is difficult, it removes the ability to rely on a very simple qualifier for characters and their motives. I think it’s a captivating method for the story to happen independent of any bias, it requires more attention to be paid to the writing but fosters further involvement in the world.

Leckie’s work is definitely a great read and with an interesting approach to the characters, even outside the pronouns.  With two more books in the Imperial Radch series already released I highly suggest giving the series a read.


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