After The Gold Rush

While at Zanadu Comics here in Seattle I happened to meet a gentleman named Miles Greb. He overheard me talking about Unoriginal and told me he had recently published his comic After The Gold Rush.

After The Gold Rush is the story of Scout, a young scientist, and her fortuitous crash on what she believes is earth. She begins to explore and gather information about the planet and its environment, working to confirm theories she’s developed while living aboard a spaceship. During her exploration she encounters local humans bearing primitive weapons who begin to chase her, you’re left with a cliffhanger ending and presented with a suspenseful image and hope for issue two.

The tagline for the title is “science returns to a world that has forsaken it” and the creators makes it clear that scientific accuracy and history is important to them. I appreciated that they define a reference included in the text. Scout explains “Great Mary Anning!” after her first encounter with the locals and in the Dust In The Library section they introduce you to Mary and let you know her historical importance, a nicely thought out inclusion.

There is only one issue available now but there is a webcomic which is ongoing and tells the events leading up to the published comic. If you appreciate comics and scientific accuracy check it out!

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