The Silence

The Silence is another new title that comes out of Kickstarter and one person’s love of comics. R. Chad Nuss is a theology and philosophy PHD candidate who combines that education with a desire to create comics. The art reminds me heavily of the Top Cow titles in the early 2000’s with dynamic pencils and ink, and often a lot happening on each page.

The story explores the possibility of what could happen when scientific reach is combined with faith. The opening dictates that the universe has been “fully” explored and a  mysterious governing body has prevented further research into the remaining unknown areas and reprogramed those who dissent. Twelve biblical bloodlines are rediscovered and brought to a new system and each one is given a planet and the technology they need to live there. The initial issue sets a suspenseful stage with violence erupting in an otherwise peaceful setting.

This title is thoroughly thought out and provides an interesting concept for humanity’s future. Nuss’s enthusiasm is apparent and it looks like he is working towards fulfilling a dream he’s held onto for a long time. You can find the project on Kickstarter where it has been successfully funded as well as its website if you’d like to know more.

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