Unoriginal is an independently published magazine that highlights new and developing authors, and visual artists in the genres of horror and science fiction. While working with contributors to share their work I am hoping to publish a full color issue every 4-6 months.

The title for Unoriginal comes from problems I encounter when I try to draw, paint or write. I spend too much time worrying about the originality of the details and stop myself from working on anything at all because I let fear of wasted time get to me. To combat the loss of momentum I chose to embrace the name Unoriginal and continue to create, moving past that stumbling block. I want this magazine to promote writers and artists as they develop their work and help them maintain creative momentum.

If you have a finished piece you’d like to submit please send me an email. The guidelines for submissions are here and if you find yourself with a piece that doesn’t quite fit but would still like to submit, ask me and we can talk. I’ve really enjoyed this project so far and look forward to new experiences and new artists.

Thank you

Mike McGuire


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