That was a wonderful surprise!

When I finished laying out the first issue and placed the order to receive it as a physical copy I could not have possibly guessed I would have gone through 50 copies as fast as I did! Thanks everyone for picking one up!  There are still a few copies at Left Bank Books as well as Phoenix Comics and Games in Seattle. I have also sent a few copies out to Brooklyn, Minneapolis, Jacksonville and Burlington, VT. I’ll update here when I have specific locations in those Cities. In the meantime I’m going to add the PDF version of Issue:horror for anyone who would like to take a look. You’ll find it in the link below! Unoriginal.horror Thank you again for you interest in Unoriginal! The issue doesn’t cost anything but if you like it please tell a friend. -Mike

29 days to go!

May day has come and gone. I spent it avoiding the politically fueled marches and pepper spray filled protests throughout the city today, conveniently I had plenty of work to do. The final month of submission acceptance is here! in 29 days I will begin the process of laying out the submissions and then it’s off to the printer for the first issue of Unoriginal. I hesitate to say there is “plenty” of time depending on your undertaking but I would still like to see your writing and art. If you find yourself unsure send me and email here. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and we can talk about your submission. Have no fear if you find yourself without a horror themed creation though. The 2015 issues officially have themes! I’ll make the official announcement for the second issue once I have Horror in my grubby hands. -Mike