Breaking the Radio Silence. New Submissions?

After I received the printed copies of issue two I had a series of great conversations with My contributor Retech. He suggested I make a better use of the rear cover, which makes total sense. The first two issues made terrible use of Important space for people sharing work. With this in mind I’ve divided the rear cover into six cells, each is 4.25″ across and 3.5″ down (it’s actually 3.66666666666 but you know). Two cells across and three down. Each will be a piece of work you’ve submitted with your name, and one method to reach you. This second line can be a website or social media, I am limiting it to one so that text doesn’t overcome the rest of the submission. Content wise this space is yours, sticking with horror and science fiction I’d love to see a variety of art. I recognize that writing is difficult but I can work with you regarding layout to optimize the

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The Silence

The Silence is another new title that comes out of Kickstarter and one person’s love of comics. R. Chad Nuss is a theology and philosophy PHD candidate who combines that education with a desire to create comics. The art reminds me heavily of the Top Cow titles in the early 2000’s with dynamic pencils and ink, and often a lot happening on each page. The story explores the possibility of what could happen when scientific reach is combined with faith. The opening dictates that the universe has been “fully” explored and a  mysterious governing body has prevented further research into the remaining unknown areas and reprogramed those who dissent. Twelve biblical bloodlines are rediscovered and brought to a new system and each one is given a planet and the technology they need to live there. The initial issue sets a suspenseful stage with violence erupting in an otherwise peaceful setting. This title is thoroughly thought out and provides an interesting

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Issue two now available!

I came home to a 32 pound bundle of joy today! The space issue has arrived and I am incredibly excited! The work went together incredibly well and I can’t thank the contributors enough. I think that if science fiction is something you like you’ll enjoy the stories and art in this issue. I’ve included a link to download the .pdf but if you’d like a physical copy they are available. Send an email to Unoriginal and I can send one out to you while supplies last. Money wise, I’m not expecting any, but I have realized it’s stupid to say no. If you’d like to share a few dollars to cover shipping or printing please let me know and we can work out an email for PayPal or another preferred method. Thank you and if you enjoy the work please let the artists know!  

Short Story encounters!

Recently I listened to Turbulence by Scott R. Jones on the Psedopod podcast. With the first two issues of Unoriginal focusing on horror and science fiction I was really excited when I heard this story. A combination of secret technologies and cosmic horror along with optimistic views on our place in that universe bring almost everything I look for together. As it’s a short story I don’t want to say too much because I think that just about anyone who’s reading this will probably enjoy it.