Short Story encounters!

Recently I listened to Turbulence by Scott R. Jones on the Psedopod podcast. With the first two issues of Unoriginal focusing on horror and science fiction I was really excited when I heard this story. A combination of secret technologies and cosmic horror along with optimistic views on our place in that universe bring almost everything I look for together. As it’s a short story I don’t want to say too much because I think that just about anyone who’s reading this will probably enjoy it.

That was a wonderful surprise!

When I finished laying out the first issue and placed the order to receive it as a physical copy I could not have possibly guessed I would have gone through 50 copies as fast as I did! Thanks everyone for picking one up!  There are still a few copies at Left Bank Books as well as Phoenix Comics and Games in Seattle. I have also sent a few copies out to Brooklyn, Minneapolis, Jacksonville and Burlington, VT. I’ll update here when I have specific locations in those Cities. In the meantime I’m going to add the PDF version of Issue:horror for anyone who would like to take a look. You’ll find it in the link below! Unoriginal.horror Thank you again for you interest in Unoriginal! The issue doesn’t cost anything but if you like it please tell a friend. -Mike

29 days to go!

May day has come and gone. I spent it avoiding the politically fueled marches and pepper spray filled protests throughout the city today, conveniently I had plenty of work to do. The final month of submission acceptance is here! in 29 days I will begin the process of laying out the submissions and then it’s off to the printer for the first issue of Unoriginal. I hesitate to say there is “plenty” of time depending on your undertaking but I would still like to see your writing and art. If you find yourself unsure send me and email here. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and we can talk about your submission. Have no fear if you find yourself without a horror themed creation though. The 2015 issues officially have themes! I’ll make the official announcement for the second issue once I have Horror in my grubby hands. -Mike

Issue: Horror

     Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was the first time I remember being scared by a book. That tiny collection of stories with a rotting human face on the cover set me on a path which led to some great fiction later on, and nights throughout my life where I would lay awake finding it difficult to sleep. I read House of Leaves in a drafty apartment in Vermont at twenty, and it gave new meaning to every creak and gust moving through the night. H.P. Lovecraft’s sprawling body of work provided me with numerous accounts of cosmic horror often perfectly sized for spaces between larger works. I read Robert Chambers’s The King In Yellow in the top of my friends Vanagon, and that, along with the effects of a fireside spliff and the roaring engines of logging trucks left me breathless in the middle of nowhere Oregon. The Hypnic Jerk is the feeling of falling we

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